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How to use a flint fire starter

You may find it difficult to start a fire without a match or a lighter, you can rub two sticks together for a long time and still end up with nothing. Fire is a means for cooking food, boiling water, warmth and keeping the predators away from your camp. It can make a difference between life and death especially if you are out for an adventure.

In the past, people lit fire with flint and steel before lighters or matches were invented. Flint and steel is usually a black, grey, white or brown with a waxy or glassy appearance. If flint and steel gets wet, it can be dried and reused time after time and steel, the reason that made it and continues to make it a popular fire starter .

In this article you will be briefed with a clear guide on how you can use flint fire starter. First, you need to establish the items that you will require for starting the fire. The items are;

· Char cloth

When making a char cloth should be linen which is the traditional fabric or 100% cotton. Make sure not use synthetic fabrics because they melt down and leave you with a useless mess. Next, find a tin and punch two small holes, one at the top the other at the bottom. Put two twigs inside the tin and build a fire until you get a nice bed of roasting coals. Then put your pieces of cloth into the tin, tighten the tin and place it on or near the coals and watch carefully as the cloth is been transformed in a char cloth.

· Fire striker

The most commonly used fire striker is a C shaped high carbon steel. Steel that is properly treated produces thousands of sparks and does not wear out hence can be reused again.

· Flint rock

Most people think that flint sparks, but the truth is, the high pressure exerted on the steel is what causes a small curl of steel to peel off and ignite.

· Tinder nest

Tinder is anything that burns if a spark lands on it. It can be dry grass or dryer lint.

Now that you have all the items you require, here is the technique you will use to make all the 4 work together.

1. Make a tinder nest that is ready to accept your char cloth.

2. Place a small piece of char cloth on top of a flint. This enables you to shave off a very small strip of metal that will burn and land on the char cloth.

3. Strike down at about 30 degree angle to create a spark which will cause the cloth to glow red upon landing on the tinder. It is hard to see the glow in bright sunlight as it often happens on the edge of the cloth.

4. If the spark lands on the char cloth, blow gently on it till you see a crescent glow or nothing. If nothing, then you will have to go back to striking.

5. Finally, fold the char cloth and blow it gently so as to encourage the spark to spread to make it into a big fire.

Starting a fire is best when it is windy where matches are blown out quickly. If you are still think making fire is difficult, try the guides aforementioned and you will not only love it but teach someone else on how to do it.


Best place on the net to purchase bluetooth speakers

If good quality sound is important to you, you need to look at getting portable integrated Bluetooth speakers. The latest such offerings come in many different name brands all supporting Android, iOS and Bluetooth and can pretty much work with most favored modern smart devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and Desktops. Most of these devices don’t require Wi-Fi services so you can just pack up and go with your mini sound system.

The question then becomes what to look for and where to find your solution? The prices vary largely due to the specifics of requirement bluetooth speakers on amazonwhich you might need to consider for yourself, like if the speakers need to be waterproof. So set aside between $ 50 -700, the online stores also often run specials, so look out for those. Generally with speakers though, more is indeed more and better. Top range options include Bowers & Wilkins, Zeppelin Wireless $ 699.49.

If design is important to you, one gets fairly small, pocket size portable speakers and larger options of systems that are able to connect to your PC or HDTV which are a bit more bulky to carry. The colors and shapes vary greatly, as do the shapes, sizes and functions, so no doubt there are portable Bluetooth speakers out there just waiting to be yours. The Polk boom Swimmer Jr retails at $ 38.95. Smaller size speakers generally require smaller rechargeable batteries making them easier to carry around but then will put out less powerful sound. Larger speakers which do work off Bluetooth often need dedicated power supply as back-up and become less transportable but put out more power and therefore offers better, more powerful sound in general. So beauty vs the beast when portability is a factor.

The other factors to recon in when deciding on your buy is durability vs function. Generally most portable speakers, with powerful sounds are not that geared to be constantly carried outdoors, camping and around water areas such as showers, pools and beaches. The tougher, more resilient travel speaker should be able to handle some of life’s knocks and spills. Such heavier duty speakers need to come with IPX ratings, which also serve to guarantee its use. These speaker option’s casing often makes them durable but heavier to carry around.

Another factor to consider about portability is obviously, connectivity. Usually the multi-platform speakers are less easy to transport but more versatile to use. When your speakers primarily have a Bluetooth option, you can stream audio but it is recommended to look for options that have at least a 3.5mm aux input too. This will allow you to be able to connect your speakers to your smartphone and tablet giving more sound options.

Larger speakers should support multiple wireless standards.

Last but not least we finally get to what it is really all about, good sound quality! Key here is the frequencies your device can handle when you turn the audio volume up a notch, when your sound distorts, specially the base sounds, think twice. You need crisp clean sounds no matter how low or how high you go! We recommend you check out bluetooth speakers on AMAZON for your largest option of online Bluetooth portable speakers.

Happy shopping!


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